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How has modern technology impacted society?

Prompt-How has modern technology impacted society? Pick one specific form of technology for your essay (e.g. the Internet, electric vehicles, smartphones, social media, etc.) and narrow your focus to one specific societal issue (e.g. education access for the disabled, voting rights, depictions of POC, etc.). What impact has this technology had upon this particular issue?

Write an argumentative research-driven essay with a body of no fewer than 2,500 words.

The essay should demonstrate the following elements related to the Student Learning Outcomes for this course:

  1. SLO #1 calls for a demonstration of the following skills: constructing claims, inductive and/or deductive reasoning, examining alternative points of view, analyzing evidence, explaining assumptions, identifying fallacies, and drawing conclusions.
  2. SLO#2 asks that you research, evaluate, and correctly integrate primary and secondary sources, both paper and electronic, into written work. For this essay, I ask that you incorporate a minimum of 10 sources including Nicholas Carr’s book The Shallows.
  3. SLO #3 asks that you apply conceptual and theoretical frameworks to a research based essay. Your essay should employ one of the major argument methods covered this semester: Rogerian OR Toulmin OR Classical. Select the argument method that best fits your topic and audience (Links to an external site.).
  4. SLO #4 Relates to your incorporation and utilization of evidence: What claims are being made by your sources? Do they demonstrate logic or are there fallacies? If so, what kinds? Note: this SLO can be quite challenging, so make sure to complete the smaller assignments related to logic.
  5. For SLO #5, make the broader societal implications of your topic clear.


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