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Culture and Diversity in the Media.

Topic: Culture and Diversity in the Media

Details: For your assignment this week, you will write a 2-3 page (double-spaced) paper supported with evidence from the sources provided in Lesson 3 and two advertisements of your choice. Follow the below prewriting steps before writing your essay.
After working through the materials in Lesson 3, consider whether you think marketing has positive or negative effects on culture(s), and find reasoning from the sources in Lesson 3 in support of your stance.
Find two advertisements that strike you as culturally significant (for example, you can see clearly how they play on cultural values; or they promote a certain message about a culture or multiple cultures). They can be in print magazines, or you can search YouTube.
Determine the primary audience for each ad. Who is likely to be interested in each product? Consider demographics (gender, age, economic status, ethnicity, sexuality) as well as other cultural groups (sports fans, people in the fashion community). Consider how the ads play to the cultural values of these particular groups.
Write a 2-3 page (double-spaced) cultural analysis of the two ads, drawing from the resources provided in Lesson 3 to support your claims. Structure your paper using the below guideline:

INTRODUCTION (1 paragraph): Include a thesis statement where you explain the overall point you are making about the relationship between your two ads and culture(s).
BODY (4 paragraphs in 2 sections): Divide your body into 2 sections, one for each ad. In each section write 2 paragraphs, 1 describing the ad, the product, and who it appeals to; and the other analyzing the cultural significance of the ad, drawing from a source from Lesson 3 as well as details from the ad to support your claims.
CONCLUSION (1 paragraph): Restate your thesis. Explain why thinking about the media helps us understand culture and diversity.


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