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Article review (Macroeconomics)

Macroeconomics – Current Events Paper

  1. Read and report on an article in the news that deals with macroeconomics.
    1. Sources can be from a newspaper, magazine, or the Internet
    2. Examples: The Economist, Wall Street Journal, cnbc.com, etc.
  2. The article must be current.
    1. The issue must have been reported on in the news sometime during this semester.
  3. Source must be cited in APA format on a separate page at the end.
  4. Do not attach a copy of the article.
  5. Turnitin
    1. Papers should be uploaded via the Dropbox. Once the paper is uploaded, it will go automatically to turnitin.  You do not need to do anything extra.
    2. Once the paper is uploaded in the dropbox, in just a few minutes a “matching” score will appear.
      1. Any scores less than 30% are good. Scores higher than 30% are not acceptable.  You may revise your paper and re-submit it, however, it must be done before the deadline.  If you score is in the low 30% range, please contact me.
    3. Content
      1. Review/summarize the article – what did the article say in your own words. The objective is to show that you can recognize and understand an economic issue discussed in the course to the real world.
      2. First paragraph should indicate which macroeconomic issue your article addresses.
      3. Example: the specific issue discussed in this paper is unemployment and its impact on the economy.
      4. Final paragraph should include an opinion of the article and the issue addressed.
    4. Format
      1. No title page
      2. Header should be positioned in the upper left corner of the first page. It should include your name, the class, and the date.
      3. The reference page and citations in the body of the paper should be formatted in APA style.
    5. Length
      1. Minimum 600 words, typed, double-spaced. No more than 850 words.  Points will be deducted, as follows, for papers not meeting the minimum word count.


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