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Identify movements and cultures of resistance which produce political and social change aimed at reducing inequalities
Think Critically, Creatively, and Reflectively (TCCR): Reason and imagination are fundamental to problem solving and critical examination of ideas

(TCCR) Analyze and critique the production, reception, and circulation of cultural texts
Purpose: The purpose of this online assignment is to help students develop a well-organized post to an online assignment.Skills: This online assignment will assist students in practicing the following skills that are key to college success and success in professional life:–Composing a clear, concise, post to synthesize chapter content. –Apply prior learning from course materials (e.g., readings, lens, terms and or/ concepts) Knowledge: This online assignment will also assist students in becoming familiar with the following relevant content knowledge expressed by the Humanities ( as a discipline ).–Use of proper APA citation guidelines for capturing direct quotes.–Apply evidence from a specific reading to a well – developed claim or argument. Tasks: To complete this assignment, students must:–submit a 300-word post for each response.–share ideas, perspectives, and insights emerging from a specific history/media topic.Required Textbook: Amusing Ourselves to DeathRequired Reading: The Age of Show Business
Instructor’s Questions: What role can a “perception” play in analyzing the chapter titled, “The Age of Show Business?” Moreover, do you believe, television shows support, misdirect, or challenge America’s master narrative of “exceptionalism?”Background: The Myth of American Exceptionalismhttps://www.hks.harvard.edu/publications/myth-american-exceptionalism (Links to an external site.)No secondary response required


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