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Fiction and poetry.

Choose three short stories and three poems to thoroughly examine. Examine their use of three concepts in argumentative writing but often times used in fiction and poetry: ethos – ethical appeal; pathos – emotional appeal; logos – logical appeal. Think about how each writer uses these techniques to appeal to his/her reader but also how he/she uses these mechanisms to present his/her main characters, address a variation of themes and audience, deal with conflict, and set up the climax of the story. If you see a connection between any or all of the writings you have chosen, feel free to capitalize on that. I have provided a link to our library on the homepage of our course.

I have provided a link to our library on the homepage of our course. I would consult with your librarians and me as you work on this assignment.

I have also uploaded two videos that explain ethos, pathos, and logos to your Module section on your Canvas page.

There are also some other videos that might be of some interest to you as you being to research and poke around for more info for your assignment.


10-15 pages not counting your Works Cited page
Works Cited page
In addition to the sources you are using from our text, you need to use a minimum of 3 sources and a maximum of 5 outside of the works from our book from at least two different types of media; for instance, you can have three books and one article from a magazine.
Use of at least one article from a peer-reviewed journal and at least another source from one of the databases. These are the items that can be found on Academic Search Premier and other databases RCC subscribes to
No more than two online sources. Online books and sources from reputable magazines and newspapers are not considered online sources.
Use of Youtube is allowed, but do not overuse is (no more than 2 videos)
You can use a source of any age, but try your best to find a few sources that are current and relevant today.
Effective use of your sources: use a combo of quotes, paraphrases and summary. Do not under nor overuse your sources
Effective and accurate use and integration of outside sources
All sources on Works Cited page are cited within the text
All sources cited within the text are on the Works Cited page
Sources correctly cited
Introduction w/clear thesis statement
Supporting body paragraphs w/clear topic sentences
Clear transitions between sentences and paragraphs
Organized work
Follow current MLA formatting
Of course, there are other items that may lead to a poor or failing grade: excessive spelling or grammatical errors and incorrect quoting, paraphrasing or summarizing. However, usually a paper will receive a passing grade if it meets the above-mentioned minimum requirements.

I will not tolerate plagiarism at any level, so if I suspect any type of dishonest conduct, I will investigate your piece of writing before I render my decision as to what action(s) to take next. Be wise in how you use your quotations because it is still your paper, and your voice should be dominant in the work and not that of other authors.

Different ways to use your sources in a lengthy assignment

Direct Quotation – A direct quote must be written exactly as it appears in the original text. But as long as you do not change the meaning, you can omit words within the quote if they are not relevant to your work. To show this omission, you must use and ellipses (…) in place of the deleted word or words.
Paraphrase – When you paraphrase, you are looking for the main idea and key terms in the sentence or paragraph that you want to paraphrase. Remember to keep the meaning the same and you will probably have to use some of the author’s words. However, do not use more than five of the author’s words consecutively because you will no longer be paraphrasing.
Summary – Summarization is almost the same thing as paraphrasing but it is on a larger scale. You summarize to capture the main idea of an entire book, story or text instead of paraphrasing a passage or sentence. The same rules apply here as they do in paraphrasing; keep it short, sweet and to the point.


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