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Discuss the Cold War and its effects on Europe.

Your book discusses the Cold War and its effects on Europe. What was the Cold War? Discuss the outcome of the Cold War. How were the US and Russia involved? And what are some lingering effects of the Cold War? Do you think we might be entering a new Cold War with Russia today?

Be clear: “showing up” and leaving a comment is not what I am expecting. I want this to be in paragraph format, no typographical errors, proper grammar, etc. You MUST post your contribution in the discussion board as a reply to my original post. You MUST put in a source for your post, at a minimum the textbook, in proper format.

World Regional Geography: Global Patterns, Local Lives, 8th ed. Lydia Mihelic Pulsipher and Alex Pulsipher. W.H. Freeman and Company, 2019.


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