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Analyze the origins of Industrial/Organizational psychology.

Analyze the origins of Industrial/Organizational psychology, as well as its relation to the field of psychology, exploring the roles of both research and application.

A. What are the origins of Industrial/Organizational psychology, and what historical developments or research studies have played a role in the development of this subfield? Be sure to support your response with scholarly sources.

B. Explain how other subfields relate to Industrial/Organizational psychology, supporting your explanation with concrete examples and scholarly sources. What role does Industrial/Organizational psychology in the field of psychology?

C. How is your selected Industrial/Organizational psychology used today in both research and application? Provide concrete examples and support your explanation with scholarly sources. For example, you might provide examples of contemporary research studies that have been conducted within this subfield and explain how the studies relate to and further the subfield.

*2-3 pages NOT including title and reference page

*Include at least three scholarly sources

* APA format


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