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Prepare a presentation that HR can use for its generalist training.


Kai, who is a manager in the human resources (HR) department, requests the following:

“We just hired a small team of HR generalists to help us with our growing number of employees. As our workforce expands, we need to stay on top of matters of compliance in order to protect the company and to effectively support its positive social change initiatives. Could you assist us with developing training to ensure our new generalists are up to speed on employment law matters, including real-world examples? We have an employee handbook, but we’d like to provide additional training and support for these staff members.”

Submit an Employment Law Presentation that includes speaker notes for each content slide and addresses the following prompts:

Kate asks you to prepare a presentation that HR can use for its generalist training. She asks that you create informational slides on the following four areas of employment law: sexual harassment, discrimination, violation of disability rights, and wrongful termination (minimum of 2 slides per employment law topic). For each of the four areas, do the following:

Define each of these areas of employment law.

Provide one or more examples of possible violations for each area.

Describe the consequences of violating each area of employment law.

Provide one recommendation in each area for how employees can stay in compliance with these laws.

As part of your presentation, make sure to include an Introduction slide and a Conclusion slide that incorporates a connection between employment law compliance and the company’s positive social change initiatives (for an additional 2 slides).

Your completed presentation should include a minimum of 10 slides (not including the title slide or References slide) with speaker notes and appropriate reference citations


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