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How may an individual client or family client system be supported or not supported by your own identity.

ASSIGNMENT #1: Cultural Humility Paper

The purpose of the assignment is to allow students the opportunity to explore individual culture, norms, values and practice towards understanding diversity and difference in Generalist Social Work practice with individuals and families. The paper should address the following:

Describe the various aspects of one’s own social identity in terms of gender, ethnicity/nationality, race/color, sexual orientation, ability/disability, social class, and religion/spirituality.

Discuss how above attributes and dimensions of one’s own  identity might influence attitudes toward and interactions with others who are “different,” or similar. Be specific.

Discuss how you currently engage in promoting diversity and respecting difference? Be specific.

How may an individual client or family client system be supported or not supported by your own identity. Be specific.

Discuss how you may use the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics to indicate your commitment to the well-being of clients that differ from you as a social work student and future social work professional? Be specific.

Paper’s Format

Cover page: Include First and Last Name; Name of the Course; Title of the Paper (e.g. Cultural Humility Paper); Date Submitted

The paper should be in the first person; use “I” to refer to one’s own experiences.

Use headings to organize the paper.

Page limit: 3-5 pages (Cover page is not counted in the page count)

Use Times New Roman, 12 font, double space, and 1-inch margins.

Use APA formatting with a separate reference page, if including citations from resources. The reference page will not count toward the page limit. The textbook is a good reference to use.

Submit as a Word document


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