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Does the novel accomplish what its genre (historical fiction) is supposed to do?o

You are expected to write a 1,000-word, double-spaced review.
As for all assignments you submit for this class, please use the paper composition checklist as a cover page to your review.
Briefly summarize Things Fall Apart by providing the reader with a sense of what the work is about and what the main topics and elements of Achebe’s story are. Please be aware that I will use the adequate to tools if I have the slightest indication that you have plagiarized one of the hundreds book review of Things Fall Apart that are available online. I will strictly enforce my plagiarism zero-tolerance policy in case of plagiarism.
Identify a main theme from the book and discuss how the book contributes to the understanding of the theme you have identified.
Relate the theme and the book, in general, to what has been covered in our lectures, readings, films, discussions and other class activities.
Evaluate the book, as a literary and contemporary account, according to your own academic background and literary taste. What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of Achebe’s work? Does the novel accomplish what its genre (historical fiction) is supposed to do, that is to engage readers and help them gain a better understanding of several historical issues through fiction?

Book to review: Achebe. Things Fall Apart.


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