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Interview and Interdisciplinary Issue Identification.

Interview and Interdisciplinary Issue Identification

For this assessment, you will create a 2-4 page report on an interview you have conducted with a health care professional. You will identify an issue from the interview that could be improved with an interdisciplinary approach, and review best practices and evidence to address the issue.


Interview and Interdisciplinary Issue Identification: Interview Guide

For the Interviews and Interdisciplinary Issue identification assessment, your first step will be to interview a classmate, anursing colleague, administrator, business partner, or another appropriate person who could provide you with sufficient information regarding an organizational problem that they are experiencing or have experienced, or an area in which they are seeking improvements. This guide provides a selection of questions that you should consider asking your interviewee. They are by no means questions you must ask, or the only questions you should ask. Feel free to ask your own questions and follow-ups as the interview proceeds. These are merely a guide to get you started.

Sample questions

  • How would you describe your organization?
  • What is your position within the organization?
  • What are your primary duties in your position?
  • How would you describe some current or past issues within your organization?
  • How did or do these issues affect your ability to complete your duties?
  • How have you, or the organization, attempted to address these issues?
    • What has been done and what were the results?
    • What has been the role or actions of leadership in any attempts to address these issues?
      • How effective do you think their actions have been?
    • What is the general attitude toward interdisciplinary collaboration at your organization?
    • Have you experienced working on an interdisciplinary or interprofessional team?
      • How would you characterize the experience?
      • To what degree do you think overall organizational attitudes towardcollaboration influenced this experience?


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