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Discuss each article in terms of reliability and validity.

Analyze the research design of three preselected articles about employee motivation

Your analysis will focus on the research design of the studies and how the conclusions are or are not supported by the results of the studies.

1. Begin the new narrative by comparing and contrasting the research methodologies from the three articles. In Milestone One, you simply described the articles. Now you will begin to integrate them into a larger discussion, using material you have learned in this class. How are the methodologies similar? How are they different? Why might the authors have made these methodological choices, given their stated hypotheses? Be sure to incorporate specific points from all three articles to support your arguments.

2. Then, discuss each article in terms of reliability and validity. Do you think their methodology leads to credible results? Why or why not? It is certainly possible that you will reach different conclusions for some of the articles. Talk about how the individual methodology led you to those conclusions. Again, be sure to incorporate specific points from all three articles to support your arguments. Also make sure that for each article, you talk specifically about reliability, validity, and overall credibility (That is, should we trust these results? Beyond reliability, are the results logical? Current? Anything else that might concern or impress you?).

3. Close by discussing the conclusions reached by each of the articles. Again, you described this in Milestone One but now you are using the information developed in Milestone Two to critique the conclusions. Are those conclusions supported? If so, what specifically makes you believe the conclusions are valid? Are those conclusions not supported, given the information provided above? If so, cite specific reasons as to why we should question the given conclusions.

*Paper must be 3-4 pages long. Do not need title or reference page.

*APA format

international_comparison_of_public_and_private_employees performance_related_pay motivation_and_mission


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