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Discuss current U.S. border policies.

Homeland Security: Policy and Politics and our class discussions raise some serious questions about the Patriot Act. While most people believe it was a necessary reaction to the events of 9/11, some argue that retaining the Patriot Act abridges our privacy rights unnecessarily.  Others claim that we need to strengthen our response to the continuing threat of international terrorism or homegrown threats from White Supremacy organizations.  Discuss how the Patriot Act has affected our privacy rights and limited our constitutional privileges, but also how it has improved our national security posture.

Marion, Cronin and Oliver as well as our class discussions have focused on the issue of domestic terrorism and U.S. immigration policy. Please discuss current U.S. border policies and how they bolster or undermine U.S. security, America’s political and moral standing in the world, and the economic health of the U.S.


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