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How can you hold people accountable for their words online?

The most important considerations when engaging with others online, such as; emails, video calls, discussion groups is to have a clear message. Anything that takes a lot of explaining, with follow up questions may not be suited in an online situation. I currently am a pastor at a church in Orlando, and since we are not meeting fully in person it is imperative that I communicate properly. We meet with our volunteers weekly with emails and bi-weekly with follow up phone calls, video calls, etc.. The director needs to be clear with their message when giving instruction or information to volunteers, we have to be reminded that these people are not getting paid. They will easily feel overwhelmed if too much information is given to them in a single setting, the best way to do this is being prepared on our end.

Are there any special considerations with regard to managing diversity and cultural sensitivity online?

Yes, in all aspects of business and nonprofits it is significant to pursue diversity. If you are only attracting a single group of people you are not being as effective as you can when you can reach out to other areas and cultures.

How can you hold people accountable for their words online?

Following up with the volunteers is the best way to keep them accountable online. Ask them how their time was? What did they do? What did they say? This isn’t micromanaging, this is checking in on them and caring about the work that they are doing. By doing this you can hear how their day went and if their is any corrections you can make, it can be done in a conversational manner.


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