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Explain how the concept of health literacy is relevant to their planned program.

Use of theory presentation

Imagine yourself in the role of a public health expert who meets a well-meaning community group eager to promote a range of positive health behaviors. They come to you in planning their health promotion projects.Describe and explain to a lay audience why it is necessary to implement theory-based, behavior-based interventions. You also need to explain to them how the concept of health literacy is relevant to their planned program and ways in which they can ensure their health education materials can be understood by the greatest number of people in the community.

Be sure to cite at least one successful theory-based program and explain to the community group how theory was utilized to guide the design and evaluation of the program. Explain how theory and research could guide professional practice.

Conclude with a reflection of how your personal perspective has changed as a result of the content of this course as compared to your knowledge and attitude prior to taking the course.

You will submit the slide deck only, consisting of 15-20 slides along with detailed Notes on each slide to explain what you would say to the community group.


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