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Which approach you consider is better than other and why, discuss in detail.

INSTRUCTIONS: ( 30 Marks ) For each question, you can write maximum of one page with 12-font size (Calibri, Arial) and 1.5 spacing. Please note, for this exam you can get information from any source (e.g. book, magazine, newspaper, web etc.) however you must provide source reference both inside the text and at the end of each question. You can use APA referencing style. Grading of final exam will consider: how you relate theories/concepts learned in class with their applications in these questions, quality, clarity, depth of analysis and rationale. Answer the following questions. 1. There are two broad categories of a manager’s behavior: task-oriented and relationship-oriented. Which approach you consider is better than other and why, discuss in detail. (10 Points) 2. In a team environment, is it a better approach to avoid conflicts to create a harmony in group and speed up decision making or is it better to disagree and have a certain level of conflict to dominate with your point of view. Which approach you consider is a better approach and why? (4+6=10 Points) 3. You are a CEO of a clothing retailer and recently your store is also severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Store traffic has significantly reduced and sales have gone down drastically. Michael from IT department came enthusiastically suggesting that we should quickly enhance our online presence and provide easy and convenient shopping experience to our customers. Due to COVID-19 pandemic and recent layoffs, employees are demotivated. You are convinced with Michael’s suggestion that enhancing online shopping experience of customers can keep you alive in these difficult times. How would you approach to your team in this new situation and execute your plans?


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