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Consumer Behaviour,

As a consumer, you are exposed to a variety of marketing campaigns. Some of these are more influential than others. Think about a marketing campaign that you found very influential. Perhaps you were inspired to purchase a product/service or volunteer your time to a charity.

Whether the marketing campaign was for Coca-Cola or the United Way, you were likely exposed to marketing materials such as billboards, signs, and commercials. Find and share an image from the product/service or charity that influenced you and include a brief description of what appealed to you. You may paste/insert the image into the body of your post or, if you prefer, you may provide the required information in a Word document that you attach to your initial post.

Review the posts made by your classmates and select one that discusses an image from a product/service or charity other than the one you contributed. Write a reply explaining how you reacted to the image associated with their campaign.


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