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Provide information about the organization and its campaign.

Dove has continued its social media public relations (PR) campaign on beauty and self-esteem. In 2014, Meaghan Ramsey presented “Why Thinking You’re Ugly is Bad for You” at a TED Talks event.

In the TED Talk presentation, Ramsey does not mention Dove. Without focusing on the organization in the speech, why would this be a good PR event for Dove? What does it achieve for the organization? Why do you think Ramsey, who is the Global Director of the Dove Self-Esteem Project, chose this way to communicate with Dove's customers (and potential customers)? What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? Your response should be 200 words.

For this assignment you will investigate a social media public relations (PR)
campaign by an organization. Some examples of platforms are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube. The organizations can be national or can be local to your area.
In this assignment you will need to include the following components:

Provide information about the social media

Provide information about the organization and its campaign.

Discuss the campaign based on the information discussed in the Unit lesson. (Is it effective? What, if anything, an the organization do to improve PR through social media?) you will need to reference at least two academic sources. Web pages
provided by a company or organization (e.g., an About Us” page) will be accepted for this assignment as a valid, academic source.

Use the standard five-paragraph format (introduction/body/conclusion). APA format should be used.
The assignment should be a minimum of three pages in length.  Content, organization, and grammar/mechanics will be evaluated.


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