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Conduct an appropriate test.

Wait time for customers at the MacHamburger Shack has been in increasing issue for you and your employees Ideally, you, as the manager, would like to have the wait time to be no more than 2 minutes per customer, once the order has been processed In an effort to understand how long a customer must currently wait after the order is processed, you implement a process of timing each transaction You collect the following data (in minutes):

Wait Time:

16 58

66 34

56 93

51 74

39 18

46 62

65 54

64 49

86 54

42 08


Conduct an appropriate test, where you do not know the industry standard deviation for wait time You would like your wait time to be 2 minutes (with 95% confidence), but do not know if your actual time is more or less than 2 minutes After you conduct the test answer the following questions


The standard error of the mean is (rounded to 3 decimals):


The 95% Confidence Interval for the mean (round to 3 decimals):


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