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Emergency medical staff.

Preparing for a Crisis
A national magazine published a cover story about emergency medical care that says it is the most expensive operation in hospitals.
By inference, it implied that emergency medical care is primarily responsible for consumers’ mounting medical costs.
The same article also noted that emergency medical personnel are badly abused, working long hours under extraordinarily stressful circumstances. It also pointed out cases where people died or were maimed because of mistakes made by emergency medical staff.
The article’s message is that emergency rooms are both extravagant and dangerous.
The story apparently also produced editorial interest in markets across the country. In fact, several stories in other print and broadcast media can be traced directly to that cover story.
The National Association of Trauma Specialists (NATS) leadership is naturally distressed and wonders what it can do to meet this barrage of bad publicity.
NATS contacted ProCom and said, “Do something.” After a quick huddle, ProCom assigns you the task.
There are two parts to this assignment:
1. Develop an official response (i.e., basic plan of action) for NATS that it can share with its members. (Minimum: two pages.) Part of the response should be the creation of a basic crisis communication plan.
2. Write a two-page news release based on the NATS response for distribution to the media. It should include at least two direct quotes by NATS officials.


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