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Looking at the nature of the curriculum and topics included, which training topics do you think might be added to help combat the above issues? Why would that help?

You are consulting with a large-size police department that has been criticized in the media for its high levels of recent incidents involving police errors in procedure, police misconduct, and revelations of inappropriate use of force. The police department and the police chief have come under extreme criticism from the media, the community and the city officials. On page 127 of Policing America: Challenges and Best Practices is a list of common curriculum implemented in a police academy. Answer each of the following questions pertaining to that curriculum and defend your answers:

  • Looking at the nature of the curriculum and topics included, which training topics do you think might be added to help combat the above issues? Why would that help?
  • Which topics should be expanded in their duration? Why?
  • Which topics should be refreshed and included in continuing education of experienced officers? Why?
  • Which curriculum topics should be deleted altogether? Why?

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Based on the above issues the training that would be best to combat them would be self-improvement, with a focus on ethics and integrity. The reason for focusing on ethics and integrity is because without good ethics and good moral integrity there is more of a chance that there will be misconduct because they do not have a good ethical standing and thinking. In the book it states that in the academy that the cadets receive eight hours of instruction on ethics and integrity, there should be more than eight hours during this training process and remedial training in this area every few In-Service cycles. Mediation and conflict management should also be increased, with the proper tools to handle a conflict there is a greater chance that it will be resolved without the issue becoming physical. During the academy the book states that cadets receive 88% with academy training and eight hours of training, this training should also be increased to ensure that they have a full understanding of the subject. Mediation is also important because the officer will be able to mediate what the issue is between those involved. Using good verbal skills is paramount to communication and when applied correctly is very important in reducing liability for the agency. The reduction in liability comes in the form of reduced officer injuries, citizen complaints and excessive force.

Computers and information systems training should also be increased from 58% and the hours of training should be increased past eight. The era of knuckle draggers has ended and we are in the technology age if the officers learn how to operate the systems they will be using before they are put out on the streets then they will be able to properly use the systems once they are actually on the streets. Increasing this training will lessen the possibility for errors. It has been predicted that within the next decade that 90% of the work force will be knowledge workers this is something we as the police should be planning for now. Computers and information systems should also be a refreshed and continued education for experienced officers because new programs are always coming out and when a system is updated the officers already on the streets or who have been there for a long time need to learn how the new system works and be able to use it efficiently.

I cannot single out topics that should be eliminated I think the more educated the officer is the more rounded he will be on the street. I believe that in the light of the advancing knowledge and liabilities agencies will have to open their coffers to extend police academies and finally realize that by doing so we are providing a better safer product for our community, officers that can use reasoning to solve problems rather than force.


Peak, K. (2012). Policing America: Challenges and best practices (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education


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