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Provide all of the information posted on one current licensed officer job posting.

All of the following questions can be answered by navigating and exploring the MN POST Board website (https://dps.mn.gov/entity/post/Pages/default.aspx).  Some of the information is found directly on the POST Board website and some questions will be answered by exploring the hyperlinks.

Provide all of the information posted on one current licensed officer job posting.

List three of the statutory or administrative law minimum selections standards for LE officers in MN.

What is the POST Board contact phone number and what are their office hours?

At what point does your POST license become active?

How many times per year is the POST exam currently offered?

The Reinstatement of License Eligibility Exam is offered when and where?

What are the five broad categories of the POST Learning Objectives?

Does the POST Board offer a Police Academy? If so, when and where?

According to the POST Board, how many total active police officers are in the state of MN?

Per the MN Administrative rules, list and explain two of the “Standards of Conduct” outlined by the  MN Post Board.


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