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Public Policy and Management.

Public Policy and Management

PPD Team Presentation

Public Policy and Management

1. Tutor must thoroughly read the assigned reading on: Shui-Yan Tang and Daniel A. Mazmanian (2010) “Understanding Collaborative Governance from the Structural Choice Politics, IAD, and Transaction Cost Perspectives,” Working Paper, USC Bedrosian Center on Governance, and the Public Enterprise. (Attached to this question).

2. Tutor MUST collectively decide on 5 to 7 key ideas from the reading. Once you have these ideas, you should conduct research on a policy issue or public organization that the ideas from the reading could apply to. Good places to find policy issues are national newspapers (NY Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal etc.) or local newspapers (LA Times, Orange County Register, etc.). Public organizations to consider are: Federal government and agencies, state governments and agencies, county or local governments and agencies, and national or local non-profits.

4. When linking the reading to the specific policy issue or public organization you choose, you should keep the following in mind:

a. What key facets of the policy issues or public organization connect to the reading?

b. How does theory come to life in the policy issues or public organization you have chosen?

c. How can this policy issue or public organization help us learn the 3 to 5 key ideas from the reading you have identified?

d. Are there any gaps, inaccuracies, or other problems you see in the reading? Is this reflected in the real-world context you have chosen to examine?

5. When developing your 5 to 7 key ideas from the reading and how they link to your specific policy issue or public organization, remember to avoid making your presentation a mechanical summary of the reading. The goal of this exercise is to build your critical thinking skills and to develop you understanding of how theory connects to the real world. You should make attempts at novel insights and aim to join theory to practice. You MUST have a 3-10 PowerPoint slides to accompany your presentation.

6. After presenting your 5 to 7 key ideas and how they connect to the policy issue or public organization you have chosen, the team should raise 1 to 2 questions for class discussion. You are encouraged to use creative ways to organize the discussion around your key ideas and related real-world application.

7. Include a related video (3 min or less) from a news organization, think tank, or other credible source that relates to your presentation.

8. The evaluation of presentation will be based on the following criteria:

a. Thoughtfulness: creativity, insights, etc. (the key is to go beyond any mechanical summary) (5 points)

b. Delivery, i.e., whether each team member explain the ideas clearly and effectively; whether presentation guidelines are followed (5 points)

c. Quality of the discussion questions, and whether they trigger fruitful discussion (5 points).

*** Ensure that all work is not plagiarized and meets the standards posed above, otherwise payment will not be remitted***


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