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Marxist theories of false consciousness, commodity fetishism, and alienation.

Sociology, Analytical Paper using Marxist theories about Beanie Babies

Declare your thesis statement for the final analytical paper. Be sure that it contains a clear statement of what you will argue that delineates the main points to be addressed.

This paper is a critical analysis of your topic in popular culture. The goal is to demonstrate what you have learned from studying popular culture by not simply “consuming” it but by interpreting it.

  • First, define your topic in pop culture clearly for your reader. Your topic: Beanie Babies. Your opening paragraph or two can be a direct thesis or they can have a creative “hook” to bring in your reader and introduce the subject. But the opening should explain the importance of the topic; and it should conclude with a clear thesis statement that tells the reader what the main point of your analysis will be.
  • Second, begin your analysis of the topic by doing the following:
    • Apply a theory or concept from your readings that helps you to interpret your subject. These theories and concepts include: Marxist theories of false consciousness, commodity fetishism, and alienation.
    • Demonstrate the larger cultural lessons we can learn from your pop cultural artifact or phenomenon by looking at its message, form, and context. In particular, please explain how it promotes, reinforces, or challenges certain dominant values in the United States or how it is a subject of debate in public discourse.
    • Be sure to use examples. Evidence is everything!

You need to employ at least 3 academic sources (articles from peer-reviewed journals; books; Course Reader). Focus on the course material. This assignment demonstrates what you’ve learned from SOC 325. Please stay away from Wikipedia, online dictionaries, blogs, news media, etc.


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