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Research Paper: Performance Management.

Performance Strategies to Improve Patient Satisfaction in Kent Hospital

Research Paper (4,000 – 4,500 words) No more than 4,500 words

An organization: Kent Hospital – A community teaching hospital that was established in 1946. The hospital is in Warwick Rhode Island and has over 2,300 employees on board.

Topic: Performance Management

The problem: Currently, the hospital has been in the spotlight due to an increase in medical error cases, which is attributed to poor skills in managing patients. Therefore, this has negatively affected the hospital’s profit margin and reputation. Furthermore, the hospital has been experiencing a higher level of patients’ dissatisfaction. Some of the employees have not been performing as per expected standards.

HRD solution I recommend: Kent Hospital should introduce effective performance strategies to reduce medical errors, increase patients’ satisfaction, improve the quality of health services provided, and boost its competitiveness.

Professor’s feedback: You may need to narrow it down to a single area such as medical errors or patient satisfaction. Remember, you only have a maximum of 4,500 words so you don’t want to burn a bunch of those up talking about your action’s impact on multiple results.

Identify a company or organization of your choice with a true and current HRD development opportunity. Prepare a comprehensive human resource development program on that opportunity.

The suggested outline for this paper is as follows:

Title Page


Overview of the subject company

Assessment of the HRD opportunity

Design of the HRD plan

Implementation strategy


Method of evaluation

Grading will stress structure, content, analysis, and style.

The paper must be at least 3,000 words in length, but not exceed 4,500 words not counting tables, figures, and any (optional) Appendices; it must correctly cite and use at least 10 ACADEMIC references, NOT counting the textbook. Please do not use SHRM or other commercially available sources for this assignment. ALL cited sources must appear both within the body of the text (in text citations) and in the References list.


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