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Why should your audience adopt your solution?

Write a proposal for China company HuaWei

For this assignment you need to write a proposal for China company HuaWei

You do not need to answer all of the questions within each section.

Word:1000-1250  Body font:12 point, Times New Roman, 1 inch margin, signal space. Cited with MLA format

You may propose, for example, a new marketing strategy. Perhaps you have an idea for a new advertisement. Alternatively, you may propose a new internal business policy to enhance the efficiency of the company you evaluated


· Provide background

· Who is your audience?

· Why is the proposal needed?

· Why do they care?

· What is your overall claim and reasons?

Problem Analysis

· What is the problem?

· What caused the problem?

· Whom does this problem affect?

· What is the current scale of the problem?

· What will happen if this problem is not solved?

· Why hasn’t this problem been solved in the past?

· What will be its future scale?


Solution Description

· How will you solve the problem?

· What does this solution require?

· What personnel will be involved?

· What is their training?

· What are its strengths and benefits?

· How will you measure success?

· Will your project results be preservable/observable/ repeatable?


· What time schedule have you established for your work?

· What are the major checkpoints in that schedule?

· Here you list your milestones/the breakthroughs of your proposal.

· When you hope to accomplish the task?


· outline the costs of your proposed work


· Why should your audience adopt your solution?

· Why is your solution a good one for your audience in order to address the problem?

· What evidence do you have that this solution will work?

· What are some other possible solutions? Why have they been rejected?

· Any limitations of the solution?


· What do your readers need to do now?

· Why should your readers act immediately?

Work Cited


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