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‘What are the major forms inequality that stratify this workforce?’


Five-page Research paper

For this assignment, first formulate a sociological question related to (i) occupational socialization, (ii) occupational culture, or (iii) occupational inequality. It is advised that you formulate your question based on a specific occupational group. Ask yourself: ‘What occupational group do I wish to research and write about?’ For example, you could focus on migrant workers, computer programmers, police officers, bar tenders, hedge fund traders, or morticians. Second, after reviewing sociological studies on your selected occupational group, begin asking yourself questions about this group that relate to one of the following sociological topics: Socialization, culture or inequality. For example, you will want to ask: ‘What is the process by which individual workers learn their occupational roles and identities?’ Or, ‘what are the norms, values, attitudes, stories and rituals that integrate and regulate employees?’ Or, ‘what are the major forms inequality that stratify this workforce?’ Third, after gathering the information necessary to answer these questions, formulate a thesis — a statement that is put forward as an argument to be supported or proved — that provides a clear explanation to the specific research question you have developed. Lastly, in the body of your paper, provide sufficient evidence — in the form of collected research findings — to support your argument and defend your thesis.


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