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Globalization: Trends and perspectives.


Write a 500 to 750 word paper in APA format conveying the salient points of this reading material. Comment on the current state of international trade based on this material and offer observations based on current affairs.

Stark, J. (2010). Is the global economy headed for a lost decade? A European Perspective. Business Economics, 45(3), 147-151

Capling, A., & Higgott, R. (2009). Introduction: The future of the multilateral trade system-what role for the world trade organization? Global Governance, 15(3), 313-325

Bishop, T., Reinke, J., & Adams, T. (2011). Globalization: Trends and perspectives. Journal of International Business Research, 10(1), 117-130

Weiss, J. (2010). Changing Trade Structure and its Implications for Growth. World Economy, 33(10), 1269-1279


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