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Would you rather be right or widely successful? Do you agree or disagree?

Complete an analysis of the book Reality Based Leadership by Cy Wakeman.

Include the following in your analysis

1. In chapter one Cy addresses the issues reasons leadership seems so tough, focus and energy are being spent on what? When it should be spent on what?

2. What are your thoughts on her list of, “measuring your office’s freakout factor” Do you agree? Disagree? Explain

3. Cy speaks to the chain of events that leads from an event to its (albeit disappointing) results. List the chain events and very briefly explain

4. Would you rather be right or widely successful? Do you agree with Cy or disagree? Explain.

5. Explain lead first manage second, reference Cy from this chapter.

6. What does Cy mean when she talks about playing favorites – Work with the Willing.

7. What are the three stages Cy speaks to regarding change?

8. What are the three core competencies that make people bullet-proof? Briefly explain

9. What are the three common mistakes to avoid?

10. What are the limiting beliefs Cy mentions? Briefly explain

11. What is Cy referencing when she speaks to ambiguity?

12. Complete the assessment on Appendix 2. Be honest with yourself when answering the questions. Then write a brief paragraphs of what you learned about yourself and how you might use this information.

Last paragraph, what did you like about the book and what did you not agree with. It is ok to disagree with an author, remember this is just one opinion and I want you to use this information to further develop your own views and thoughts. If you quote from the book be sure to properly site. I want to hear your words not complete quotes from the book.


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