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Create a plan of action for your family.

Cognitive capacities as we age

We have learned a lot about cognitive capacities as we age, as well as the problems encountered by many, specifically Alzheimer’s. But it’s also important for us to talk about depression. While it is not a normal part of aging, depression does occur in larger percentages of the aging population, specifically those living in care homes. This DB prompt will allow you to explore this topic a bit further, learn what the signs are, and create a plan of action should you have a family member that you think needs help.

First, read this, http://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/publications/older-adults-and-depression/index.shtml

Next create a plan of action for your family.

  • Tell us where you live, list and describe the resources available in your area (or where your older family members live), how you would access them, and how you would go about getting help for this person.
  • Discuss potential problems you may run in to (every family is different).
  • Share with us the resources you were able to locate in your community. Describe what services they provide and what their reporting mechanisms are.Don’t forget to provide the URL if you have found a website.
  • Remember that in order to receive full credit for your original post you need to link this db post to the course content this week. Please reflect on how this relates to the content we’ve covered this week and provide a citation and reference for the material you are referencing.

Label your post “Alzheimer’s resources in (location)”


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