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“Crisper and cystic fibrosis “

My Topic is “Crisper and cystic fibrosis “


Should be turned in with a cover in the following format:

Title Page: Should include the title, name, class, and date on its own separate page.

Abstract Page: An abstract is a very short overview of your paper. It should be able to stand alone. Meaning if I just read your abstract, I should be able to get the jest of it. This section should be 75-100 words single spaced, not subtitled and on a separate page and not indented.

Introduction: This should be a general introduction it should include background information, and should be like a funnel going from broad to specific. This section should tell the story of what you are trying to get across and the rest of the paper will give support to that.

In general, the paper should include some of the information below (in the appropriate topic and section):

  • Which chromosomes or genes are affected, which proteins or control mechanisms are affected if causing a disease or disorder.
  • If studying a gene, what types of genetic disorders does it cause if mutated
  • when, who and how the disease was discovered, or history of discovery of treatment or procedure, a chronological progression of the research during the development of the treatment
  • Biology of the topic (cell, molecular, biochemistry, genetics, etc..)
  • Symptoms and demographics of the disease or disorder
  • Therapies and treatments or solutions
  • Information about current studies or clinical trials
  • Pros and cons

Method: You will highlight one of the procedures/experiments from one of your peer reviewed scientific journal sources. You should include:

  • Types of cells used for research
  • Experiments and procedures
  • Special tools or equipment if any (sometimes new)

Results: You will highlight the results of procedures/experiments from the scientific article you choose to describe in the Method section. Here there should be data in the form of Tables, Figures, Graphs etc… They should be labeled as such with legends and should also be discussed in the text of the paper.

Discussion/Conclusion: You will explain the results for that procedure/experiment that you showed the data for in the results section. What does it mean? What did they conclude?You should also include:

  • Outcomes or future directions of research
  • Conflicting research or other studies that contradict
  • Ethical issues raised by this research or treatment
  • Significance or societal impacts

Reference Page:

Please visit the LAVC library web page.On the electronic sources page, there will be example of how to do citations.References from the Internet must be in correct format or they will NOT be considered valid.There must be at least 3 scientific peered reviewed references (WIKIPEDIA does not count). Your primary articles should be current (no older than 5 years old). If in doubt, please ask. Include personal interviews, video, pamphlets and information received from support groups and researchers (extra credit). Web links and dates of access should be included. (APA)

you will need to turn in at least 3 of your references.


  • 7-10 pages in length (Intro-Discussion)
  • double spaced unless otherwise specified
  • 1 inch margins on all sides
  • At least 6 total (illustrations, tables, graphs, photos)
  • All figures, tables and graphs labeled, with legends, referenced and referred to within the write up (you must talk about them in the text). Please text wrap figures, they should not be separated from the text or singular on a page unless absolutely necessary.
  • NO PLAGIARIZING- If caught; it will result in a 50- 100% grade reduction.
  • You will also be penalized 10 points beyond the first 5 minutes of class and 20 points for each day beyond the deadline.
  • I recommend going to the writing center for assistance before the end of the semester.
  • APA format
  • Put it in a cover- try to be as professional as possible.


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