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Gross v. FBL financial services.

Rules of Law against Employment Discrimination.

Prepare a paper with a minimum of four complete pages (not including title or reference page/double spaced) on a topic of your choice we’ve covered in class this semester. You should discuss the legal principle involved and you can include cases from our text in your discussion. You need to present both sides of the issue. This paper needs to be typewritten and follow APA standards. You need a title page and at least 1 reference. I want this written in your own words, your understanding of an issue, not copied from the textbook or any other source. If an idea isn’t yours but you’ve stated in your own words it still needs to be referenced. Do not have any direct quotes more than a few sentences and then that would have to be single spaced.

Some of the popular topics are workmen’s compensation, employment discrimination, contracts, defamation, negligence, administrative agencies. etc.

Grading Matrix


  • Rule of law explained in detail (20)
  • Identify the source of the law discussed (10)
  • Apply the law to something you or someone you know has experienced (15)
  • At least one case that shows the application of the law discussed-include the issue, both sides of the argument, how court decided and what reason did it give (15)
  • Reflection (personal observations on the issue) (10)


  • Introduction and Conclusion
  • Logical flow of ideas following structure set in the introduction
  • Sentences are complete, clear and concise
  • Sentences are well constructed
  • Instructions were followed


  • Grammar/Spelling
  • APA standards
  • Length meets parameters (Minimum of 4 complete pages)
  • Effective use of headings, fonts and white space

Topic: employment discrimination

Book: The legal environment of business tenth edition cross mille



Walmart store inc v dukes

Morales – cruz v. University of Puerto Rico

Gross v. FBL financial services in


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