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Describe the Marketing Goals for your client.

Organizational Objectives and SWOT Analysis

the client Should be a local high school american football team!

Create and submit a word document describing the Organizational Objectives and Marketing Goals for your client, a local high school football team.

Be sure to include the following:

 Organizational mission: a written statement about the organization’s present situation (Write a mission statement

if the sports organization does not currently have one in place. If the organization already has a well-developed

mission, it is not necessary to redesign this mission statement.)

 Organizational objective: performance targets based on mission and vision, to be achieved in a specified

BSM 2801, Sport Marketing 3

 timeframe

 Marketing goals: based on objectives, short term, measureable, challenging, attainable, and time specific

 SWOT analysis: Conduct a SWOT analysis from the mission, objectives, and goals identified for your client.

o Strengths

o Weaknesses

o Opportunities

o Threats


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