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Research. International Journal of Mental Health & Addiction

Internet Gaming Addiction

Read an article and write 3 pages essay to answer 6 questions

References: Kuss, D.J. & Griffiths, M.D. (2012). Internet gaming addiction: A systematic review of empirical research. International Journal of Mental Health & Addiction, 10,278-296.

After reading the references, write 3-page paper on that one article. (Article in the file which I upload)

Address EACH of the following questions:

  1. What is the basic question the paper addressed?
  2. What did the author(s) predict?
  3. Who were the participants (number, gender, age, ethnicity if given)?
  4. What measures and procedures did the researchers use to test their prediction?
  5. What were the main results (not every one, but the major ones)? Did they confirm or disconfirm the prediction?
  6. What is one limitation of the study? (e.g., conducted only on one sample? Sample too small? Measures not reliable or valid? Did not consider alternative explanations)

Make completely clear when you are addressing each question by numbering the paragraph for each question. Do this by either putting the number of the question at the beginning of the paragraph or by making a heading with the question underlined.

Use APA style to cite your source in your text-paper.

DO NOT QUOTE: use your own words. Nothing they say, can’t be paraphrased!!!

  • Double-space the entire paper
  • Have 1” margins and 12pt font size
  • Have a header with page #
  • Have a title page and bibliography page (with the reference)
    • Title page: title of article, your name, date
    • à (note: title page and reference page do NOT count in the page total)

►Include a reference section with your reference fully cited and referenced in APA style


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