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What styles or genres of music were most popular here during this time?

Music Appreciation

A Musical City – Music Appreciation

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Day 1: A Musical City

Throughout history, there have been many cities known worldwide for
their rich musical culture. Whether they were the homes of the
greatest classical composers or the craziest rock clubs, these cities
have helped define international musical culture.

Pick one of the following cities and answer the questions below.

St. Petersburg
New York
Los Angeles

At what time was this city a major hub of international musical culture?
What styles or genres of music were most popular here during this time?
Name a few of the city’s major concert venues. Describe them?
Who were some of the most important composers/songwriters, performers,
or bands living in this city at the time? Did they work together at
any time?
What is the role of community and collaboration in fostering a rich
musical culture?

Day 2: A Musical City

You will now synthesize what you learned previously, and describe what
you think makes a city perfect for the development of a great music

In your opinion, what characteristics must a city have to be
considered a musical capital? Does your chosen city have all of them?

Are these characteristics that a city could intentionally develop, or
are they the product of the people who live and work there?

What role do audiences play in the development of culture? How do the
citizens of a city contribute to its musical or cultural enrichment?

How does national culture influence the musical customs and culture of
a city? Give examples.


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