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Computer mediated communication and age.

Computer Mediated Communication Problems in Organizations

Research Writing and Methods- Liturature Review

Select a communication problem area of concern in your organization; then complete a literature review to uncover how that problem manifests itself, and how it has been handled in the available academic literature from the last five years. Research your topic using the Academic Search Premier database and refer to scholarly journals and books as your primary sources. Ensure that your sources are from the last five years unless they are seminal articles that provide a foundational perspective to your problem. Once you have gathered sufficient literature to provide a thorough understanding of the problem you intend to study, thematically group related articles for your review. (No less than 25 articles and books) Recognize that the scholarly articles that you read will all have literature reviews that you can reference for guidance.

Your paper should be 8-10 pages in length, APA style, double-spaced, 12 font, Times New Roman. Be sure to use headings in the literature review. Regardless of your study, a summary of the literature, and limitations of the literature must be among your headings.For example,

  • Computer mediated communication and gender.(Computer mediated communication is the problem being studied.)
  • Computer mediated communication and age.
  • Computer mediated communication and socio-economic class.
  • Summary of the Literature
  • Limitations of the Literature (What are the gaps?)

The headings indicate the different aspects of the communication problem that you are studying. Your final heading must be the Limitations of the literature. After thematically grouping the literature, and writing your review, state the gaps that exist in the literature, and decide how your study will explicitly address a gap in the literature covered.The researcher’s research questions or hypotheses will be directly formulated to address the gap in the literature that has been selected for study.Hence, findings from the study will help advance the literature in the researcher’s chosen area. Please refer to the APA manual for instructions regarding how to complete a literature review. Please note that your research questions or hypotheses will appear in the Introduction section of your proposal.You are merely formatting them at this stage. Include a reference page.


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