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Leadership Portfolio

Leadership Portfolio

Part I: Analysis of Leadership within an Organization

Analyze leadership at Amazon. As part of your assessment, define the leadership approaches, traits, styles, and tasks accomplished within the organization.

A well-written paper 3-4 pages long, include a minimum of three outside resources, and be formatted according to APA Requirements.

Part II: Personal Leadership Profile

Imagine yourself assuming a leadership role within the organization you analyzed for Part I. Then create a profile of yourself to share with current leaders. Your profile should demonstrate how you could serve as an effective leader within the organization and include the following components:

  • Your leadership style
  • Your values and personality
  • Your abilities in motivating, communicating, team-building, relationship-building, and innovation
  • Your strategy style
  • Your followership style
  • Your leadership vision

Keep in mind that this profile is not only to reflect you as an individual and as a leader, but it should also synthesize leadership knowledge acquired in this course.

This part of the paper should be 5-6 pages in length and be formatted according to APA Requirements.


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