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Who appreciates their country’s citizenship more?

Speech Analysis

essay about two videos

Length should be at least two pages double spaced. u should watch a video and answer the below question.



In Chapter Two, your Essentials Text suggests that our Founding Fathers did not always agree about the ideals of indivisible citizenship. This concept suggests that the true power does not belong to our national leaders, but to We The People living in cities and towns, on farms and ranches across our nation. Over time, some of these things have changed through laws and amendments. Throughout history our nation’s leaders, particularly in the twentieth century and moving forward, have tried to communicate more directly to the American public about concerns all are or soon will be facing. I would like you to watch the two historically poignant speeches above given by Presidents Kennedy and Reagan, and tell me what each man is trying to say. Do their methods of delivery seem similar? (Please give examples of why or why not.) Do either of them (or maybe both) make you feel more or less a part of the American political process? (In other words, do you buy what they’re trying to sell?) Again, examples of why or why not. For context, donot mereley look to your text but also look at the Project Citizen Video, as well as th Citizenship Videos and think about their governmental ideals in comparison to your own as a natural born citizen. Who appreciates their country’s citizenship more? Is it us or citizens of other countries around the globe who appreciate this unique land more, and why do you think this is the case? For the International students in this class, I want to hear what you think about these men’s ideals. What are your thoughts here. Length should be at least two pages double spaced. This is not merely opinion, but should be looked upon as critical analysis. When you want to make points to support your essay, you should be sure to include pieces of these speeches as well as ideas pulled from the videos. It may help to pull up the speech scripts on line for referral.


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