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As a director, describe your directorial concept of the play?

For this discussion board, you need to have read Aphra Behn’s The Rover and the textbook chapters on directing and producing. Create a thread for yourself and answer and defend the following questions. I expect to see quotes from The Rover as well as specific terminology from your textbook.

1. As a director, tell me the spineyou would use for your production of The Rover. Remember to use specific examples from the play.

2. As a director, what style would you use? Defend your position by using your textbook and examples from the play.

3. As a director, describe your directorial conceptof the play? Defend your position by presenting a image that illustrates your concept. This could be a photo, drawing, or narrative description. Use your imagination!

4. As a director, what well-known actor would you cast as the principal character? Yes, you need to tell me who you believe is the principal character. And why would you cast this person?


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