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What options are available to the company going forward?

Strategic Marketing of Flynas Airline

Strategic marketing project, Title: Flynas airlines

The written report should comprise of the background of the company, the industry that it’s competing and a short description of the market competition [and its competitive positioning]. 2. Subsequently, you should focus on the strategic decision taken by the company in the past. For each discrete decision point, you should focus on understanding the decision from the perspective of those that made the decision. We want to understand both the “right” decision to make as well as the actual decision that was made and why it was made. 3. Some ideas of what to cover for each point: – The context of the decision, both inside the firm and externally (industry analysis) – The types of data that would be useful to make the decision (and what you can recreate) – The types of analyses that would be useful to understand the decision (and your actual analysis using whatever data are available). – What other factors that may have affected the decision making process – What decision was made by the company and how it was intended to create value (for historical decisions), or what options are available to the company going forward (for current challenges)


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