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Develop, document and design an EER for this situation.

Enhanced E-R model discussion

Two different questions so place separate into 2 documents if possible. Thanks

Enhanced E-R model discussion

Provide your own unique example of a supertype/subtype relationship. Be sure to describe the relationship and discuss if the disjoint or overlap rule would apply to your example.

I attached a sample response from my classmate. Thanks


You are working for country club with thousands of members. You have been tasked with designing a database to keep track of the members and their guests.

The club keeps track of mail and telephone contact information, name and membership number. When a member joins the club they can become a social member with pool, racket ball and weight room privilieges or golf member which includes all of the social member privileges plus access to the golf course.

Develop, document and design an EER for this situation.


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