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How might INNOVATORS favorably impact sales of this Google self-driving car?

Consumer Behavior and Marketing

Okay, new topic… Since I’m initiating some follow-on questions to create some discussions relative to consumer behavior, please go to the Strategic Business Insights web site at VALS Profile

I would like ALL in our class to take the VALS profile… and then comment, tying the concept of psychographics to what you just experienced. This is our Week TWO “case study” as we will focus on YOU and psychographic segmentation relative to target markets.

Yes, please take the VALS survey… and offer comment.

NOTE: It’s important to not race through the profile questions… it should take you about ten minutes to complete it.

When you are done, sniff through the website and locate your VALS profile description. Share with the class how you found yourself… and whether or not you agree with your primary and your secondary VALS profiles.  Keep it brief! 🙂

What does the VALS profile tell you about YOU as a consumer and your consumer behavior?  I would value learning how YOU think this knowledge of consumer behavior might be used by a marketer relative to your LIFESTYLE?

When it comes to the diffusion of innovative products, such as the Google self-driving car, we have a category of people to which marketers refer as the INNOVATORS.   What are the characteristics of the INNOVATORS in this product market?  What about EARLY ADOPTERS? How might they favorably impact sales of this Google self-driving car?


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