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Describe the Abstract Expressionist movement and how it continued to influence art through the late 1960’s CE

Art Since the 60s

2 Art history (Art since 60s) short answers

Short Answer Question. In at least 2 – 3 paragraphs explain how the study of Psychology and specifically Sigmund Freud’s theories influenced art in the early through mid 20th Century CE; and why psycho analysis continued to be so popular in art. List as many artistic examples as possible. *A paragraph must consists of at least 4 sentences.

Essay Question. In at least 6 – 8 paragraphs describe the Abstract Expressionist movement and how it continued to influence art through the late 1960’s CE. List as many artistic examples as possible. *A paragraph must consist of at least 4 sentences.

These should be based on art since the sixties. And this is an art school art history class.

nothing much, just a reminder it’s an art history class in an art school and this course is based on the art history since the sixties:)


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