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Based on this experience, would you go to another concert?

Concert Report on Kembang Sunda, Indonesian Gamelan music concert

The report should be typed in a 12-point font and in double-spaced format. The length of the report should be at least 500 words and must include a word count. Please include three clearly marked sections:

Part 1. Describe the concert in as much detail as possible. Report on the instruments, whether there were singers, the mood and style of the music, the costumes worn by performers, and anything interesting about the event. Identify all works performed and comment on any cultural traits you notice.

Part 2. Discuss the music. Compare the features of the two pieces on the program that you found the most striking or interesting. If possible, relate the music heard at the concert to the music we have studied in class, utilizing correct terminology.

Part 3. Give your personal assessment of the experience. What surprised you the most? What did you like most? What did you like the least? Based on this experience, would you go to another concert?


that is the link to what the report should be on^^

page # does not matter, but it must be at least 500 words

Kembang Sunda is a San Diego-based ensemble that performs Sundanese gamelan degung music from West Java, Indonesia. Degung music developed in the royal Sundanese courts of West Java beginning in the fourteenth century. The ensemble consists primarily of tuned bronze idiophones; a large hanging gong (go’ong), large rack gongs (jengglong), medium rack gongs (bonang), a mid-range metallophone (panerus), and a high-range metallophone (peking). Other instruments include a set of tuned drums (kendang), a wooden xylophone (gambang), and a bamboo flute (suling). Degung music, like all gamelan styles, is based on a colotomic structure: music organized into cycles defined by periodic punctuation played by specific instruments. In ancient times, degung music was played in the royal courts to welcome guests, accompany dance, and aid in meditation. Today, degung music is typically heard at traditional Sundanese wedding ceremonies and other important events where an atmosphere of elegance and Sundanese cultural authenticity is desired.some info I found from my teacher that should most definitely be mentioned

https://sites.google.com/site/kura2dekil/hthis website has info as well


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