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Discuss the importance of the teaching points for this individual.

Quality of Life Paper Guidelines


·  Participate in health maintenance and health restoration activities as members of the health care team. (CO #2)

·  Utilize nursing research literature while providing care to adult patients and their families in the acute care settings. (CO #8)



1.  Interview a person that has either Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or Congestive Heart Failure (CHF).

a.  Have you noticed any change in your mood or feelings, good or bad?

b.  Have your feelings about your appearance changed in the time that you have been dealing with this disease?

c.  Has this disease affected your ability to live a life that you are accustomed to live? Ability to work? Any change in your interest or hobbies?

d.  Has this disease caused any changes in your family or friend relationships?

e.  Would you describe what a normal day is like for you, starting with morning routines to things done prior to going to bed?

2.  Write a paper discussing person’s answers to above questions. Include any significant body language, vocal tones, or eye movements made by the person while answering question.

3.  Discuss your feelings and thoughts you had in regards to what and how the patient answered the questions.

4.  Write four (4) priority teaching points that you would do for this person.  Discuss the importance of these teaching points for this individual. Support your answer with professional source other than your textbook. (Must be within the last 5 years).

5.  Must use appropriate APA formatting, NOT question and answer.


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