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Explain why this instrument is essential.


Compare the similarities and differences of three of the following theories (Cattell–Horn–Carrol, PASS, Triarchic, Multiple intelligence), the principles of which contributed to the development of cognitive assessment instruments. Then, trace their contributions to contemporary assessment practices and describe how each theory contributed to the development of current cognitive assessment tools.

As the head psychologist, you want to purchase a new intelligence test for your facility. Your supervisor, however, does not think the expense is needed, as you already have other tools to use. In order to convince your supervisor to purchase this test, you will need to explain why this instrument is essential. In your argument, identify the test you would recommend the facility to adopt and describe the psychometric properties (reliability, validity, measurement error, norm groups) of the instrument. Remember that the supervisor knows nothing about tests, so you have to define any terms you use in your argument.

Guiding the practice of psychology are both laws and ethical codes. You are obligated to know the laws of both the federal and your state governments, as well as the ethical principles of the profession. Because there is little doubt you will be faced with ethical dilemmas, you will need to develop a process to make ethical decisions. With support from the literature and using examples, describe the process by which you would resolve such dilemmas when using cognitive assessment instruments.


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