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Write a Formal Report.

Topic: Reaching Out to the Millennials via Twitter

Formal Report

Proximity reports are concise documents reporting on a specific issue related to how millennials use social media. Topics should be developed for the primary reader of the report, a decision maker who has a stake in the issue you cover.  The three types of Proximity reports are:

  • Stakeholder reports for investors and others who have a stake in the success of a company’s particular device or social media strategy.
  • Engagement reportsfor owners or managers of profit or non-profit organizations who want to engage millennials using a particular social media.
  • Trend reports for any stakeholder who needs to understand a millennial social media trend such as cable cord cutting, binge watching, or social network messaging

Formal Report Format

The formal report should be approximately ten pages starting with the first numbered page for the table of contents and executive summary.  There are no required number of tables, graphs, or attachments.  You should use those items only where appropriate to support the report narrative.

The entire report should be singled spaced with body text in 12 pt. type. Separate paragraphs and topic headings with one space; do not indent paragraphs. Beginning with the table of contents, use an upper right justified header with a short version of the report title and page number. First level topic headings should be left justified in bold 14 pt. type. Use a consistent format for second order headings throughout the major sections of the report

The formal report components are:

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary: a two to three paragraph summary of report.
  • Narrative Body: substance of the report organized by descriptive topic headings; no page breaks between first order headings.
  • Recommendations: a one or two paragraph statement of your overall conclusions or recommendations which elaborates points listed in the executive summary.
  • Attachments: secondary material such as data summaries, press releases, glossary of terms, financial charts or other material mentioned in the report but too detailed or complex to include in the body. Each attachment should start on a separate page with left justified heading giving the attachment number and title. Properly label, describe, and document attachment material. Reference attachments in the report by number in parenthesis (see Attachment 1).
  • References: a list of all sources cited in the report. Alphabetize the list by author or title of the material / Web site. Use parenthesis to cite reference in narrative either by author or title. See “Citing Your Sources in APA Citation Style”


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