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Equal Employment and Affirmative Action.

Equal Employment and Affirmative Action

Thesis statement: unemployment rates of the African Americans are significantly higher than those of other groups hence the need to address this problem.

#1 Assignment

The final paper for this class will be a 1200-1500 word academic essay/research paper about the topic you have be working on since Week 4.  Be sure that your paper has the following:

  1. A title, your name, the course name, the date, and “For Professor Felicia Y. Thomas”
  2. An introduction leading up to the main point or thesis of the paper
  3. Information organized by paragraph, starting off with a topic sentence.  Make sure the topic sentence directs both the content and the purpose of the paragraph for the reader.
  4. In-text citations and a final page of full citations, using either MLA or Chicago Style.
  5. Single-space text, with double-spaces between paragraphs.  Number the pages.
  6. A conclusion
  7. Excellent grammar, punctuation, and spelling

#2 Powerpoint presentation

Your presentation may either be a 5 minute YouTube video or a PowerPoint presentation with at least 8 slides.  The presentation is worth 10% of your final course grade.

In the YouTube, you may show the class a significant historical place and explain what happened there.  Or, you might visit the home of a famous person and show items that were significant to the person’s life. You can show yourself talking, but be sure your points are concisely made.  Practice before you submit the final version of your YouTube.

A PowerPoint presentation must be given in presentation format (no smaller than 24 point font size). Use bullet-points, not sentences, to state your ideas. Do NOT copy text from your paper, but use the visual capabilities of PowerPoint to help you make your points.  For example, provide a timeline, chart comparisons between events or laws, or provide images of people or events you are writing about.  You should plan to include either a written script or an aural recording of what you would say to an audience about each slide as you presented it.  Learning to match what you are saying to what the audience is seeing is a surprisingly effective way of presenting material.  It’s a bit like 2 +2 = 5 –> the sum experience is bigger and better than the two individual parts of the presentation.  However, you must be sure your visuals make sense and can be seen clearly, and that your accompanying text ADDS to what people are seeing.


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