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How did the scientist come to his mysterious subject?

Charles Babbage and The Analytical Machine

Final Paper


Chapter6 is a final project.  In this project, you will select a famous scientist who made a discovery/equation that changed the world. And we choose “Charles Babbage” as the scientist


The paper is to be written in the same five-part format as the chapters in “Five Equations That Changed the World” book. The paper should include an introductory paragraph in which you briefly introduce the scientist.  A bibliography (list of resources) must be included, and any direct quotations or references must be noted in the body of the paper.  The paper should be typed, one-sided, 12-point font, with pages numbered and the bibliography at the end.  The paper should be 5000 – 6000 words, probably about 10 – 15 pages.


five-part format:


·       The Prologue describes some dramatic incident in the person’s life that sets the tone for what is to follow. 

·       Act 1 (Veni) shows how the scientist come to his mysterious subject.

·       Act 2 (Vidi) is a historical explanation of how the subject become so enigmatic.

·       Act 3 (Vici) explains how the scientist conquered the mystery and found that magic equation.

·       The Epilogue describes how that equation changed the world.


See the book “Five Equations That Changed the World” to know how to write by using five-part format.

You Should follow the “Excellent” grade in the rubric to meet the requirements.


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