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What legal opportunities are there ?

Regularity and social trend issue

Note: This is a continuation assignment. Read part 1 attached in order to progress with this assignment.

Find the Regularity and social trend issue

You are a sales person who would like to sell the benefits of sponsoring or donating to one the many annual Kidsport Victoria BC events.

Complete a situation analysis and SWOT of an origination that is located in Victoria BC using a minimum of 4 secondary sources incorporated into the paper.

The organization website is: www.kidsportcanada.ca/british-columbia/greater-victoria/

Q1. Regulatory / Legislative Issue

-What legal constraints will be there for the KidsSport brand ?

-What legal opportunities are there ?

Q2. Social Trend / issue ?

-What are current trends in corporate social responsibilities?

-What socio-demographic factores enhance or inhibit sponsoring an kidSport event?

The paragraphs should not be short


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